“I love Dr. Waring, Joe and the entire staff at The Pain Intervention Center. Without Dr. Waring I don’t know if I could have survived with the pain I was in. Dr. Waring is the only doctor who actually HELPED me lead a mostly pain free life for past last year. Even though I live in Alabama and have seen a few different doctors up there, I put off seeing anyone else and wait for a visit to NOLA to see Dr. Waring. It seems as if other doctors were just guessing, whereas Dr. Waring and his staff knew exactly what they were doing. I have seen many other doctors, chiropractors, so called ‘pain specialists’ and massage therapists all to no avail. I found IMMEDIATE relief after just one visit to Dr. Waring. I would recommend Dr. Waring and The Pain Intervention Center to anyone with moderate to severe pain.”

“Everyone is so professional, and very pleasant. They are very concerned about what is going on with you, and only you.”

“I’m 55 with DDD at l-5 S-1 that causes almost constant sharp burning pain. Dr. Waring & staff “have my back” literally with this issue. Very professional with state of the art technology. Anyone with pain should at least talk with the Pain Intervention Center. They know what they are doing.”

“Kind. Caring comforting really put me at ease prior to my procedure”

“Everyone was very professional, friendly, and helpful, as usual. Didn’t have to wait all day for my appointment. So glad I was referred to you. You have several members of my family as patients, and have helped us all more than anyone has been able to before. Thank you for your dedication.”

“Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Dr. Waring is available and answers any questions you may have before your procedure. After care staff is so attentive. Dr. Waring knows exactly what he’s doing and where to do the injections to ease or stop the pain. I am forever grateful and will remain a committed patient of the Pain Intervention Center. My health depends on it.”


“I am well satisfied with the treatment I receive from Dr. Waring. Joe and the rest of his staff are polite and helpful. That’s why I keep going back.”

“I have been coming to you for well over 15 years and in fact feel like a part of your family. From Cindy to Dr. Waring and every single person in between, I have always been made to feel like the most important patient you have. Your entire staff is so in professional. You and your care have allowed me to maintain the lifestyle I love. I thank each and everyone of you for all you are and all you do for me!”

“These guys are pros.”

“This was my fourth visit to the Pain Intervention Center and as with every other time, I was impressed with the clinic’s adherence to appointment times and the overall efficiency of the entire office. Everything runs like clockwork, but as a patient I’ve never felt rushed. The staff is very professional and at the same time very personable. I have attained a degree of relief I didn’t think was possible, and I have never experienced any type of discomfort during or as a result of the treatment. Because of the Pain Intervention Center, I avoided surgery and I do not have to take narcotics!”

“This was my first visit and I am more than pleased with the attention and care I received. I believe I have finally found a knowledgeable doctor to treat my chronic spinal issues. Thank you Dr. Waring, Joe, and staff.”

“The only place that has ever helped me to get through back pain. The staff is so professional and friendly. They focus on where you are having pain. No other interventional pain clinic can do what The Pain Intervention Center can do…. The procedure has helped me so much. Nothing like waking up and when your feet hit the floor, they don’t hurt. It has made a difference in the quality of life for me. Thank YOU all at The Pain Intervention Clinic for focusing on getting me out of pain, and succeeding. You all are the best.”


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