Lumbar Facet Radio-Frequency Denervation


The lumbar facet joints are the tiny joints in the low back that allow people to bend and twist their low back area. These joints are also common sources of low back pain. The lumbar medial branches are the tiny nerves that supply these joints. After patients have shown 80-100% temporary relief from lumbar medial branch blocks, they are candidates for the radiofrequency procedure. Under careful X-ray guidance, small radiofrequency cannulae are placed very close to the tiny lumbar medial branch nerves and heat energy is used to destroy the nerves. Because the tiny nerves eventually grow back, the pain relief usually lasts 8 months to a year.


I cannot begin to describe the amount of pain I have been experiencing. I truly felt like I was falling apart. What started out as a lower left back pain, spread up my back to my shoulders ( thought I had frozen shoulder) and down my backside to my hips and upper thighs. I hurt from my neck to my knees. The Pain Mgmt team has been wonderful. The nurses are so compassionate and Joe went to great lengths to explain everything and answer all questions. I had a Radio Frequency procedure performed on my lower left back two days ago. I still have s [sic] little pain at the site which is to be expected. The pain in my shoulders….gone! A lot of the pains I had are gone. Dr. Waring has my total gratitude for helping to relieve my chronic pain. We may need to do the right side also. Time will tell. However, the results at this stage have far exceeded my expectations. God Bless all at The Pain Mgmt Center for giving me my quality of life back. I appreciate you more than I can express!

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