Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

What is Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP)?

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is a concentrated blood sample that contains high levels of platelets, a critical component of the wound healing process. Platelets contain growth factors that are responsible for stimulating tissue generation and repair. Growth factors derived from platelets are responsible for soft tissue repair, bone regeneration, development of new blood vessels, and stimulation of the wound healing process. PRP delivers a concentration of autologous platelets and growth factors that is roughly 4-6 times greater than that found in whole blood. Unlike other products, it delivers a broad range of growth factors in the proper concentration and ratios to help optimize conditions for healing. Clinical studies have shown that application of PRP can help reduce bleeding, minimize pain, reduce infection rates, and optimize overall healing. Ideal candidates suffer from osteoarthritis, joint pain, or back pain, though patients suffering from chronic tendon injuries or acute ligament and muscle injuries may also benefit from PRP. Interested candidates should schedule a consultation with Dr. Waring prior to the procedure days to discuss injuries and treatment options. Call to schedule your consult today.

Educational Videos on Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

Chronic Back Pain

Chronic Knee Pain


Hip Arthritis

Rotator Cuff Injury

Blood Therapy used by Tiger Woods Lures Everyday Athletes

Tiger Woods playing golf

“The [PRP] result for him “has been pretty much amazing,” he said in a telephone interview. “It’s been six or seven months since my last injection, and I’m still 75 percent pain free. It’s a wonderful alternative to having a replacement done.”
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What’s the Secret to Rafael Nadal’s Rapid Recovery from his Knee Injury?

Rafael Nadal playing tennis

“PRP worked unbelievable on my knee before, in 2010, 2009,” he said. “[In] 2009 I had to pull out of Wimbledon, then I came back, but I still I have pain. Just after Monte Carlo, I did for the first time the PRP treatment for my knee, but it was on the top of the knee, not down [below]. Worked unbelievable. I recovered 100 percent in a very short period of time during the PRP treatment.”
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