The Pain Intervention Center and Fine Dining?

Fine New Orleans restauranteurs have realized that the simple formula for success centers around the combination of high-quality, delicious food with excellent service. Dr. Patrick Waring believed those same principles could be applied to the treatment of spine-related pain, and so, The Pain Intervention Center was born.

Dr. Waring conceptualized The Pain Intervention Center 25 years ago when he was a full-time staff anesthesiologist at Southern Baptist Hospital in New Orleans. Dr. Waring had a special interest in regional anesthesia, a method in which special needles were used to anesthetize certain body parts so that surgery could go on without the need for general anesthesia. In the mid-1990s, the use of C-arm fluoroscopy (an x-ray machine shaped to frame the body and take 360-degree spinal images) with new chronic spine pain techniques created a new specialty called interventional pain management. This was an option that avoided addictive opioids and aggressive spine surgery. This was an option that could appeal to everybody.

Just as fine dining patrons avoid fast food for its unhealthy qualities and poor service, spine pain patients almost always choose high-quality, attentive and efficient treatment options when available. Dr. Waring’s vision for the Pain Intervention Center was to provide that service and create an intimate, spa-like environment akin to atmospheres perfected by New Orleans’ most notable high-end restaurants. Instead of continuing down the path to impersonal “big box” hospital care, Dr. Waring became board-certified in the subspecialty of Pain Management, instructed other physicians in modern interventional pain procedures for the International Spine Injection Society and led the charge for Tenet’s Pain Management program as their Regional Director. His teaching and practice made him quickly realize that hospitals were the “fast food” choice and motivated him to provide the “fine-dining” alternative.

What was once a concept by a doctor who knew more could be done for people suffering from spine pain is now in its 15th year of service to patients across the Greater New Orleans area and beyond. The Pain Intervention Center continues its mission to provide individualized, convenient and meaningful pain relief without intimidating hospital walls, addictive pills or overly aggressive spine surgery. We are always accepting new reservations. There’s a seat at the table for you.

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