Top Three Reasons You Should Make an Appointment at Pain Intervention Center

1. Persistent Back or Neck Pain

If you have persistent back or neck pain despite trying conservative treatments (like muscle relaxants, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications or physical therapy) you should reach out to the Pain Intervention Center. Your back and neck pain or sciatica can usually be treated effectively without narcotics and surgery. In many cases of low back and neck pain, we provide effective long-term non-narcotic, non-surgical treatments that often do not require the use of steroid medications.


2. Failed Conservative Spine Pain Treatments

Medical doctors (MDs) or physicians, especially those who perform interventional procedures or surgeries, are really more like plumbers or electricians than most people realize. Just as competency and technical skills vary among those trades, individual skills and intangible features also vary among MDs and their practice locations. Treatment outcomes differ not only because of the doctor’s skill, experience, and clinical judgement, but also because of equipment quality, facility cleanliness, and quality of care provided by nurses and supporting staff.

Just because you may have had a failed interventional pain procedure at another location does not mean that you are not a good candidate for treatment at the Pain Intervention Center. We have successfully treated thousands of patients over the last fifteen years.


3. Freedom of Patient Choice and Avoidance of Addictive Medications and Surgery

At the Pain Intervention Center, we believe that patients should have the right to choose their doctor.  We also believe that competition among doctors, hospitals, and medical interventions will lead to enhanced patient choice and better results. We believe in the independent practice of Interventional Pain Management. 

While pharmaceutical agents and surgery are occasionally needed for the treatment of chronic spine-related pain, we believe that fluoroscopic-guided interventional pain therapies are real alternatives to spine surgery and addictive medications. Decisions regarding interventional pain procedures are best made by the individual patient in consultation with a competent board-certified interventional pain physician.

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