Why We Use Conscious Sedation for Interventional Pain Procedures

For many, conscious sedation is a process most commonly associated with dental work. If you’ve ever had a root canal or cavity filling done, it’s likely your dentist used sedation to ease the discomfort of oral work and calm your nerves (literally). It is also typically associated with minimal surgical procedures like colonoscopies and biopsies, procedures many patients go through in an effortless fashion.

Interventional pain patients are often nervous about a needle being placed near their spines and something “bad” happening. We want to do everything in our power to make sure your interventional pain procedure is as worry-free as possible, which is why we offer sedation to those who feel anxious about their procedure. We believe sedation not only relaxes your body and mind, but it also smooths out the procedure process resulting in a positive and seamless recovery experience. While you have the option of going without conscious sedation, the vast majority request it.

At the Pain Intervention Center, Dr. Waring employs the safest, most advanced techniques in the field of Interventional Pain Management – techniques that have earned him the title of Master Instructor for the prestigious Spine Intervention Society. Dr. Waring has safely performed over 100,000 interventional pain procedures in his 25 years of practice. He is also a lifetime board-certified anesthesiologist, so he understands the principles of sedation and anesthesiology.

Conscious sedation is an important factor in achieving our goal, which is to provide the safest, most patient-friendly interventional pain care in the Greater New Orleans area. It is a critical part of our commitment to quality.


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